Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Odds and Ends

Fascinating and Annoying

When the Helpful Deity first taught me how to heal obsessions beginning with my own, something odd happened. I could feel my thoughts trying to access the place of obsession within my brain but finding it empty. Thoughts kept trying to fly there but could read nothing. It was like being a bad hard drive. The process was weird but fascinating.

Last night, some stray thought tried to access that place. It was immediately denied. Almost immediately I became nervous and unable to relax. This was annoying as I was just going to bed but again the process was fascinating. Some part of me wasn't reacting like some other part of me wanted it to and the short circuit occurred. Annoying. Fascinating. Weird.

The Fire

A while back I posted about making a small fire in my back yard and how the Helpful Deity used it as instruction. That instruction included the idea of paying off my car early. The Deity simply accessed an ongoing spell that had become dormant.

Since then, I've been hot on the trail of that again. Today, I got my finances in order enough to make a big extra payment from my next paycheck. I'm excited. I am learning how to use my own anticipatory emotional joy to further my goals. Even if there is a let down once they are achieved, i will have felt joy all through the process. Nice.

A word about the Helpful Deity

A few have asked me its name. One wondered if I was being quiet due to insecurity. I'd love to mention it's name. Unfortunately, it has other ideas. Mum is the word for now.


HilbertAstronaut said...

i've had that feeling of "hard drive sector not found" before too. In my case it was a particular obsession / abnormal thought pattern that (before its removal) had been mainly burdensome but occasionally valuable. It was an odd sensation to attempt to access it and find nothing there -- not even a repression construct.

In general, for any person, would you consider it rude to ask their HD's Name? Do you see that as equivalent to asking their religion, or is it much more to you? My view is that asking someone's religion is a much more superficial thing than asking their Deity's Name, but maybe that's because i'm used to working within an exoteric religion. So i would never ask you for the HD's Name, unless you and i were participating in a common work centered on the HD. i see it as none of my business and not helpful to me anyway unless (for example) i've spent a while analyzing your subjective symbol language. That's just me, though.

Frater POS said...

Excellent question, I will post an answer within normal blog space when time allows.

Norma said...

I really enjoyed this post. I am interested in mind stuff, and would love to know more on getting rid of destructive or obsessive thought patterns if you are willing to share.