Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oppositional Forces

The other day I posted something that caused Faust to comment in a way that confused me. He clarified in a nice long email that was encouraging. In my occult career, I've received very little encouragement from my peers. I don't go seeking such things out but it is nice to be encouraged from time to time.

The next post results in a comment from a CW, whom I don't think has commented before that was discouraging and basically told me I am not capable of the magick necessary to follow through on the next planned course of action.

The point of this post, isn't encouragement or discouragement but how the raising of the spirit is immediately met by an equal and opposite challenge. This is something my mentor warned me of years ago. This is something recently commented upon by the Helpful Deity.

The point of this little exercise is that I need not heed either too much but continue on the straight and narrow path between them.

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Norma said...

Thank you for this. It is helpful.