Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So You Want Some Non-Angelic Spirits?

Funny you should say that. (see comments to the last post)

The Helpful Deity is drawing me outside. I have enough room for a small circle in the back yard.

I've noticed in connecting with the earth something that I don't know well enough to explain well yet. But I am going to share my thoughts here in hopes that comments will help or that folks can watch them develop as I figure things out.

As above, so below says the old axiom. Keter is in Malkuth and Malkuth in Keter but in a different fashion. Yes, I'm sure you've read that too. It is the latter that I am working on. I've sought so hard for the divinity above, my highest nature, manifesting Keter. I've fought. I've purged. I've purified. And in all that, I've neglected the divine chthonic, as Jason Miller would say.

The Helpful Deity is not an angelic spirit but a deity or as much of one as I can land at the moment. Yet, Divine It is. Up from the earth It comes.

So now is the time to combine the above and the below.

I have an outdoor space in which to work. I can make a nine foot circle out there.

There are sixteen symbols of geomancy, which is an ancient form of earth divination. It was the divination method of choice until tarot cards came along. These sixteen symbols are earth-based but have links to astrology and the planets. They can be drawn as twelve surrounding four.

My plan is to paint these symbols on grey hexagon stepping stones. Come July 23, the first day of the year in sidereal astrology. I am going to call upon the highest angels of Leo and work my way down the planetary hierarchy of the ruling planet and ask them to call up a representative spirit from the earth that is aligned with the fixed fire of Leo. This spirit's job will be to teach me how the astrological sign of Leo manifests on earth; how I can use that force for practical and spiritual occult practice; and use its direct and indirect influence to aid my conscious will. This being will have to be balanced enough to work from either severity or mercy.

Yes that is a tall order and a very specific call. I have no idea how I am going to do that...yet. I don't even know if the class of spirit I can call with such a method has that range of function. I will find out.

The next sign will yield the next spirit that must be compatible with the first and the next. Each spirit that arises will also have to fit into the appropriate trinities and quadnaries. (Yes, I have no idea how to spell that or if it is even a word.) When I am done, I will have an earthy yet astrological world view that will become both my circle and my pantacle. I will also have a virtual army of spirits.

This is a mighty ambitious plan. A million things may arise to stop this or I may just get lazy. I've seen competent magicians lay plans to stir seven planetary angels in so many months and take years to complete the cycle. I am going for sixteen in one year. Did I mention this is insanely ambitious?

At the very least, this ought to make some interesting reading in the year to come.

In rereading this post to edit I can't help but to think it really pushes the bounds and it is a bit arrogant to say I can do all that magick for that long a stretch. Any one of them sure. All of them? I better air up the tires and make sure I have plenty of oil. It will be a long journey.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your Muse has spoke. This idea has got all kinds of facets.

If I'm not re-grinding the same grist, let me suggest: Check w/ Augoeides re: analysis of Liber Nox geomantic figure - positions; Regardie's geomantic stuff is all over the internet; Warnock, Greer, et al. have plenty in-depth research on Geomancy. I think you're really on to something here, happy hunting.

Frater POS said...

Thanks for the comment. I am a bit concerned with this one for the ambition of it. I do think it can be done, if I have the persistence.

CW said...

I have serious doubts that person who failed to manage Poke's black mirror technique could get some useful information using the proposed evocation design, which requires much stronger skills.

Anonymous said...

@CW -- Dude, seriously?

Believe it or not, there are different people in the world who have different proclivities in different magical techniques. In fact, logic tells us that either:

1) Maybe POS just "isn't good enough" to use Poke Runyon's Black Mirror technique (but what does that mean?);

2) Maybe Runyon's technique worked for him and some others, but doesn't work for others; or

3) Maybe Runyon's technique doesn't work at all!

Of the three, by far the most likely answer is 3, closely followed by 2. Unless you really know POS and have been working with him personally to know where his skills do or do not lay, you are just being a troll. Please stop it.

Patrick said...

Good luck with this plan, Fr. POS. I look forward to reading about the results, even if it doesn't go as you plan. And as far as Poke's black mirror technique -- well, it's fine for what it is. It's not the all-in-all, and I know several people who never had success with it but do some kickass evocations. Me among them.