Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obsessive Thoughts - Rudeness - Reader's Questions Answered

My last post was  basically housekeeping. Yet, it generated a couple of questions which I will answer here.

I will answer the second one first. Norma asked about getting rid of obsessive thoughts. Long time readers will know that I suffered from a trauma inflected by a former group. I never revealed the extent of the torturous issue until I got over it. In the name of full disclosure, I will say I'm not fully over it. I am 95% over it. Instead of being miserable, angry and perplexed, I am mostly happy and grateful. My blessings are abundant. My hope has been restored. Yet, from time to time, the thoughts return. Sometimes I briefly fall into the trap. Sometimes, there is an unexpected burst of anger as I fall asleep or am in the shower. The vast majority of the time, these can be easily dismissed.

The overwhelming love I now feel, even for folks that I dislike has allowed me to experience life's little unpleasant moments or memories in a whole new way. Instead of feeling anger, resentment or burying the emotion, I fully feel it. The emotion is experienced and then allowed to pass away. This makes some unpleasant realities oddly satisfying. In some extreme cases, I've been able to fully love those that have hurt me so deeply. And I do mean love them so deeply that I have no words to describe it. Though, no one should take that to mean I am unaware of their characters.

I have no idea how to accomplish that in terms of thoughts, technique or processes. Those a counselor may provide. Only one such technique helped me for a short time but nothing helped long term.

The Helpful Deity helped me find what I can only call the etheric goo that encapsulates and protects the thoughts. This goo does not exist in the body or in the astral body but a place in between. Think of it as thick elastic light that behaves as if it is sticky. The Helpful Deity taught me to see this goo and identify that portion of goo that is the problem. With that, it is the easiest thing in the world to remove. Ninety-five percent of my problem was solved in two concentrated sessions of doing this.

I am willing to perform this service for others that have suffered long term obsessive thoughts due to trauma. I am not willing to work on the recently traumatized as the natural healing process will normally take place on its own. Such traumas often provide the lessons we need for further advancement and I am loathe to interfere in that process.

For those that wish to take advantage of that service, it isn't free. I will pause as my long time readers pick themselves up off the floor. There are two options for payment. The first is cash to myself. The second is non-monetary and has nothing to do with me. Contact me, if you are interested. I will not publish any comments asking for such aid.

Hilbert Astronaut asked me if I thought it rude of folks to ask me of the Helpful Deity's name. Were I the silent type, like some hardcore Wiccan's that I know, and someone that knew I was oathbound not to reveal the name(s) of deities asked, then yes I would feel it was rude. However, I am pretty free with my personal information in this space and intentionally so. My point is showing the nature of one magician's work. So many books of tech exist but they don't reveal the changes that go on as a result of working that tech. The only way I can show that is by revealing who I am. I hope I do a good job of that warts and all.

So, given that I've been so open here and that the two that asked respect me as a magician (as far as I know) and against their better judgement seem to actually like me, I was not offended in the least. The only way I would be offended would be if I thought they were intelligence gathering.

Sooner or later, I will likely reveal it here but on the deity's time table, not mine.

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