Friday, May 28, 2010

A Mistake Rectified

As previously reported, I've been in a very joyous period of life. That really slowed down as I began working on healing someone for some emotional issues. I felt pressure all the time. I felt like I was near the boiling point. I felt like my new joy was falling apart.

Now, I feel like an idiot.

I ditched a lot of my GD training and used the techniques taught to me by the Helpful Deity. In the process, I picked up some of what I was ridding the other person of. I thought I could pull the muck from the person I am consulting with and it would go away. It didn't.

Last night, I did a banishing. In times past, I've posted about finding the element within that one is banishing and pushing it out through the pentagrams of the LBRP. I've found that to result in a much stronger microcosmic banishing. I basically did the same thing, except I found that muck that attached itself to me and sent it out to the various quarters and sealed them off.

This morning, I woke in a much better mood. In what I do not believe is a coincidence, this morning's email came through with a request for aid of a similar nature. I've been growing more joyous as the day has moved along.

Damn, life is good.


Patrick said...

Yes, yes it is.

simon said...

I started out with energy training and Reiki. I dont know if you are doing this or not, but dont take on the energy as if you are tougher that the person and will get rid of all of their problems for them. They are still responsible. You can help alleviate the suffering and push for healing, but it will come back for them if they do not get to the root source;give them practical advice too(maybe even with a tarot read). Tons of grounding, washing of hands, seeing the energy going into the ground and not holding on to it, etc. After cleaning yourself, the SIRP feels like a vitamin B shot!(well, to me anyways)Brass Unicorn has an awesome class on Pranic Healing Ive always wanted to take. Please take these as comments and not advice.