Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Gift from the Resolution

I have read that in most cultures the shaman falls ill, travels to the 'other side' and is therein healed. That healing brings with it the gift of being able to heal others of at least the same ill. The longer one is in the delirium of illness, the stronger that shaman. While I can not speak for the latter, I know this.

What healed me was the gift of a deity, whose name shall not be recorded here, at least for now. The technique was one that I've never seen written of but I'm sure I am not the first to know. Furthermore, I'm sure it has been written of elsewhere and it is only my ignorance of those texts that makes it a new to me. The technique is not unlike those I've used before to ease the pain of things mentally out of harmony. Yet, at the same time, it is very different.

I'm pretty sure that entire paragraph says absolutely nothing to the reader but it says a lot to me.

All that being said, or not said as it be, I know now that I've been given the gift to resolve the problem of an obsessive and/or cycling mind and others ills of a similar nature or cause. Which is very cool in a way though I can't imagine that gift to be called upon often.


Kenaz Filan said...

I wouldn't underestimate this gift. I know a lot of people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder or who cannot get over a traumatic or painful event. If you are able to help these people with healing, then you could do a great deal of good and alleviate an enormous amount of suffering.

Frater POS said...

Yes, I think you make a good point but it isn't like I am going to go to parties and advertise, "obsession removed! Get your obsessectomy here!"

Rufus Opus said...

going to parties and advertising would likely be a bad idea, but a blog post describing the technique to an occult-oriented audience may be useful to some. Even if someone else wrote about it before, everyone who reads your blog hasn't read everything ever written, I'd bet.