Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lessons of an Outdoorsman

I can just see the Druid and My Gal laughing at that title! To call me a city boy misses the mark. There is a song about wanting to be a young woman's back door man, I'm in indoor man. I play on the laptop, watch Dodger games, read books, meditate and do magick all indoors. The Helpful Deity will have none of that!

So, I've continued on with the lessons of the fire of earth. Last night, I dug my little fire pit in the same location. Wrote a couple words on a piece of paper for kindling, used the various little twigs laying about to create a fire and burned something appropriate to the outcome of the spell. I said a little prayer of the desired outcome. And then...

I doubted the outcome. I doubted the magick. That pisses me off.

Metatron, who resides above, responds to my call. I have contacted my HGA who resides at my mid-point. I have a deity of earth below. I have called a demon into the very walls of my house and won the battle. Yet, I doubt my magick? I doubt these beings will aid it? WTF? Frankly, this pisses me off.

The fact that I can clearly see this as the lesson of the spell is irrelevant! (Grin)

The Law of Nature

I have known a few that claim to believe in the law of nature. When you question them on it, that usually means, in the grossest of terms, the biggest baddest thing on the block wins. Might makes right. Frankly, in nature this is true. The predator wins be that a lion or microorganism. I find it no surprise that military types and those trained in combat espouse this point of view.

It makes me wonder if they would espouse the same point of view if the biggest baddest thug on the block assaulted their wife, a bigger badder human then themselves. My guess is that most would suddenly turn to human law. The law of nature would suddenly be left behind.

Working out in the backyard, the Helpful Deity has been telling me that I cannot harm nature with a ho. Which is good because I've been using a formerly virgin ho out there a lot. This is basically the biggest thing on the block (me) killing the weakest thing on the block (weeds). The law of nature. Magick is a bit like that. Those that can do magick have a tool that can cultivate or kill the dreams and even lives of others.

Side note: The HD is also telling me that all of man with his destructive might can do nothing to harm nature. No matter how long term the so-called damage is to the mind of man, nature will overcome that damage. 

We can choose to follow the law of nature as the law of man cannot usually touch magickally created incidents. This would basically make us kind-hearted brutes. For even those I know that subscribe to this law of the alpha male are capable of great kindness. We can also choose to live or maybe it is best to say try to live like Mother Theresa and others we perceive as saints. This is the way of rigidity and is in a way antithetical to the laws of nature. An animal born to a land of insufficient food will die.

There is another way, a way that is a mixture of these things.

Some time ago, I mentioned that I have been given a word for each of the supernal sephiro. Living by these three words is a mixture of these things. Maybe the proper phrase is Supernatural Law. So maybe, I am a doer of strange things that abides by supernatural law.

As I read that it sounds arrogant. It also sounds like a way of life that has always called. Yet another door to another way of being is opening. Walk softly and carry a big aura.


Jack Faust said...

Did you intentionally write all those puns? LMAO.

HilbertAstronaut said...

i'm guessing you meant to write "hoe" (as in the gardening tool for chopping weeds) rather than what you wrote -- i wouldn't ordinarily go after spelling mistakes but the context here could give the wrong connotation... ;-)

feel free to delete this comment if you make the correction.

Frater POS said...

Yes, those were intentional. The misspelling of hoe was intentionally part of the puns. Though, I am prone to spelling errors that wasn't the case here.

HilbertAstronaut said...

Yes, that was too ripe a pun not to be plucked ;-)