Saturday, May 9, 2009

When at First You Don't Succeed

Change the Rules!

I have been working on astral projection and lucid dreaming by working through the book Between the Gates by Stavish. For newer readers, I will recap that this blog started with my work from this book just over a year ago. I had a some moderate success but then stopped. Sometimes in the work, I need to have a taste of things, digest a bit and then go back to them. 

After a year of blogging, says there are now over 100 subscribers to this space and someone reads a post here every fifteen minutes. Yet, when it comes to astral projection and lucid dreaming, I am almost right where I started. This is not acceptable. I enjoy the blogging and enjoy being told that I've assisted a person or two along with their journey. For me, that is paying a debt back to my mentor. I will never be able to say 'paid in full' but every little bit helps. That said, I want to take the next step and project. 

I partnered up with Fr. LVF on the second pass at the Stavish book. We were going to compare notes on-line and off. I haven't done very well and I haven't heard from the frater in some time. 

I don't normally make agreements and then flake off. This is not acceptable.

When I restarted the Stavish book, I began with the opening meditation designed as a purification. I can do the meditation but it is kicking my ass by forcing me to rehash an old issue that I have not yet concurred to the point of utter distraction. I am all for conquering it. Yet this method is not working. I am having strong suspicions as to why and am seeking outside consultants on the issue. Regardless, that first meditation is not helping me to astral project.

Therefore, I am changing the rules. I am skipping the purification exercise and moving on to exercise number 2. This time next year, I will be able to astral project at will. 

Fr LVF, are you still out there? Please let me know of your work either here or privately. 

Thought for the Day

People that live in glass houses, die as the result of hideous experiments -- K.W.



Frater LVF said...

Yup, I'm still out here and have been working on the purification material.

I'm ready to move on to next exercises if you are!

Suecae Sounds said...

Interesting. I am very interested in Stavish writings. I have a question that you can answer if you find the time and interest doing so:

Do you find the book inspirational and do you consider him being pedagogic and easy to follow in what he writes about?

Frater POS said...

I don't find his writing inspirational but I don't think it is intended to be. His style is instructive in fact and methodology. I know his techniques work because I've used them successfully. I haven't been fully successful long term because I wasn't persistent enough.