Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just Stuff

Last night, I walked into the temple room. It was only the first time I had walked into it since setting up the Enochian tools again. The first time was the day of. I was disappointed that it didn't feel the same. Last night, it hummed quite nicely. Yum.

I noticed the energy came from above. This was very distinct, likely because the offerings I do draw energy from below. I am learning to perceive the subtle differences, which is cool.

When I made the offerings, I still drew energy from the earth. I saw two cones, one inverted, which met at the apexes. Nice, very nice.

Over the past two days, I've become very intuitive. I've anticipated calls before the arrive. I've had things prepared before someone asked for them. I recall this sort of thing happening the last time I focused on the Stavish exercises as well.

Cherry Hill

The classes have started. So far, I am impressed and I feel that I am learning. The Research and Writting class is right up my alley given that I am in the midst of writing the tarot classes/book. With only one class session down, it appears to be what I hoped for. There is a certain satisifaction in completing the assignments. Though, they've been short easy ones.

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