Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Next Stavish and the "Hill"

I am moving on in the Stavish meditation technique. I think I promised someone to outline that but I have forgotten. I will get on that soon. Starting tonight, I will do water.

Cherry Hill

I've been doing the readings required. The book for Research and Writing is called Witching Culture by Sabina Magliocco. I am finding it very odd that her take on a group from a very similiar formal tradition as my past group is so very different. I am not going to get into those differences. I've ranted enough in various places about my issues with my former group. I am just surprised.

It is very difficult to study paganism without drudging up old wounds that for whatever reason, I just can not let go. However, study I will.


Is hanging around again. He comes too close and I want him away. He goes away, I want him closer. Perhaps in that is my religious lesson. Get in or get out.

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