Friday, May 8, 2009

Pan and Stavish

The moon is full tonight. After working uncharacteristically late, I went for a walk. I felt "out of place" and out of sorts. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Upon returning, I tried to read some of my Cherry Hill texts. But, I felt the push from Pan to enter my temple room and just meditate on him. I did. 

I heard dogs/wolfs howling, three knocks on my screen door (likely the cat chasing other cats away) and a distant flute. From time to time, I see Pan, through the glass darkly. The meditation eventually turned into the Stavish exercise that kicks my ass over an issue I have. It did so again.

I still feel out of place.

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Albus Dumbledore said...

Speaking of Pan I've been reading Dion Fortune's Goat-Foot God and just finished the book tonight with the couple invoking the god Pan under the full moon.