Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Death by Cat

We have a cat. Cleo is all about being petted. I've never known a cat that relishes being petted as much as Cleo but that is not the topic here. 

As a hunter, the best you can expect from her is to knock a flying insect out of the air and play with it for a bit until she gets distracted and her victim escapes. This always confuses the cat.

Today, she killed fly with a single swat.

She played with the carcass a bit obviously confused as to why it stopped moving. 

My first thought was about how quickly life can be snuffed out. Then, no. The life necessary to make the fly animated ended. However, immediately that life that decomposes other life gets to work. The life force of the fly didn't end it transmuted. Regardless, the fly is dead. The cat is confused.

Similarly, human life happens. People swat each other, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually. Parts of people die. Yet, the energy of those little deaths does not end. It transmutes. Sometimes, the swats hold no malice. Cleo, no doubt, was playing with the fly. Other times, they are the result of carelessness or personal blind spots. Other times, there is intent behind swat. Regardless, that part of the human is dead. The human cat confused or, if there was intent, can pretend. Cats live for their own amusement.

The dead human part transmutes. How, where and why are not under the control of the cat. All the cat can claim is the carcass. 



My Gal said...

Cleo is really Egyptian for "she who eats cellophane", so unless you are cellophane you are generally safe. She really is a peace loving sort of kitty :)

Risuna said...

I know exactly what your talking about about how when one person "swats" at another & part of the person swatted could die though the energy doesn't disappear, it becomes somethings else

I was never able to put that knowledge into words though until now

it's really something interesting to think about