Friday, May 22, 2009


I am still practicing the Stavish exercise focussed on air by using the kerub of air symbol. Last night, I dreamed of gunmen. We were in a commercial area like a plaza. There were two stories buildings in a block horseshoe. The open end led to the street. There was an indoor feel to an outside space.

Gunmen were there threatening people. The police were on their way and I was chatting with various people, totally fearless. Usually in dreams of this nature there is at least some trepidation if not outright fear. I was not lucid but I could think.

This morning and again this afternoon, I felt odd at work. I felt like my brain was encased in cool vibrant air. This air was like another part of me but less than aware. It was not intelligent as far as I could tell. This sensation is wholly pleasant and I find it encouraging. Is this a separation of a subtle body? Time will tell.

I've had several queries regarding the book the Stavish techniques are coming from. Please see the side bar to this blog for a link.

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