Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off Topic: Isn't There any Company Out There with Pride in its Work?

Good Grief:

My new hardwood floor arrived today. It didn't show up the first two times it was supposed to be delivered. The only reason I knew it was supposed to come (when it didn't) was because I called and asked. Suddenly today, I get a call from a freight company saying they are 20 minutes out. I can get there or I will have $1800 in flooring sitting on my front lawn.

I get there. I move the stuff into the house. Yes, they sent the floor. No, they did not send the various other items that are needed during installation.

So, the floor arrived two weeks late, with no notice and missing pieces. Why is it that every time I buy something now-a-days I am faced with continual incompetence and indifference? Do these places think I am going to recommend them to my friends? Are they convinced I will hide their incompetence for them? Do they think they have so much business in this economy that they can afford to guarantee people won't be back? Have they not learned it is five times more expensive to get someone to buy once than twice? Amazing. 

If you are planning on buying a floor, I advise staying away from Lumber Liquidators. 


Rufus Opus said...

"Lumber Liquidators"? You couldn't tell by the name that they were run by the Sith?

Lavanah said...

I would write a long answer to this, but it would come out angry and cynical. FR. SL does angry and cynical far better than I, so lets just leave it at: "very few companies work the way you would expect them to, anymore."

Alas for our society.

Magus Obsidianus said...

Theres a reason there is an old adage, "They do not build them like they used to."