Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fruit of the Stavish Tree

More Stavish Dreams

Last night, instead of focusing on the nape of the neck before going to sleep, I meditated on it while fully awake. During the meditation I prayed to my HGA to teach me want needed to do to get past the water issues that are holding me up. Basically, I adopted the stance that the earthy water dreams I had were a clue in that direction. I dreamed of sitting with a red-headed member of the OSOGD and asking for further initiation. Unfortunately, I can not remember the group name I asked to be admitted to. My request was received with 'knowing' and pleasure. 

The dreams I have had each night seem to be more directly related to my quest than most dreams I have. Though, I am not anywhere near lucid.

This evening I meditated on the issue that I discuss here as haunting me. I think I understand now. There is a saying I've used for a long time. I once told a seeker who was pontificating about his understanding, "You know but you don't know you don't know." This is where I have been for a long time. Now, I think I know and I know I know. My only doubt is that this has lasted for so long that it is hard to beleive I get it but it feels like I do.

This resulted in some work I can only share with my mentor.


I've started writing a tarot class to be given locally. My only raw magickal talent is the tarot. There are a couple of people that are respectfully afraid of my abilities in that area. I know exactly what I need to say but I am needing to do some research on a few things to get over a hurdle. I have only 2,500 words done so far but I will keep plugging away.

I am really in need of a conversation with VonFaustus. I will contact him when he is back from being silent. 


The Scribbler said...

Now you've confused me. Are you visualizing an indigo sphere at the nape of the neck (that little hollow spot where the back of the skull meets the neck) or a red sphere centered near the voice box? Stavish offers both options. The latter is what is usually thought of as the throat chakra, the former is considered a slightly lesser chakra, but Stavish says they are close enough in location and vibrational rate to serve the purposes of the exercise. As I commented yesterday, I'm considering switching from the one I've been using for months to the other, to see if the results are more useful.

Regarding the difference one perceives in one's dreams when incubating them instead of just letting them come as they may, a friend made this comparisson. Normal dreams are like a broad gentle brook, but once you begin incubating (i.e. restricting or defining what you want from the subconscious), it's like narrowing the stream at some point. The flow is naturally going to develop some pressure and intensity.

David Alan Richards said...


What's the reason for focusing on the nape of your neck when awake or asleep? It sounds interesting.


Frater POS said...

I mistyped. I am using the red sphere at the voice box. Sorry, I mistyped.

As far as why those centers are used, I will answer that in a future post.

Suecae Sounds said...

Local Tarot-classes. Sounds positive. The first thing in the western esoteric tradition that I resonated with was the Tarot, and it still is important in my book.