Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today, we brought home the 42" monitor. I also converted to wireless.  So, I now blog from the comfort of my couch.  There is  a subtle feeling of success.

How pointless is that? While I needed a new monitor sorely and I am more comfortable, I spent money on something I really didn't need. Yet, somehow, I feel that I am more secure. In reality, I am less secure because I have less liquid cash. 

Did marketers really do this to us or is there an inherent human need to gather stuff. I'd bet on the former but I'm not an anthropologist. 

From the Department of Redundancy Department

No dreams last night again. Odd that I'd been dreaming so well of late and then to be shut off. But, Tryphon is correct in his comment. I have been going to bed slightly later.


The Scribbler said...

Stop guilt-tripping yourself. For those of us who "live" on-line, there is plenty of justification for buying a computer set-up that makes it easy and comfortable to work. I see that the same way as, for instance, a travelling salesman. I don't begrudge him a comfortable car with lots of extras if he has to spend lots of time on long boring drives.

Don't worry about not having cash. There's more where that came from. Look at it this way: you just became wealthier. It's just that your wealth is now in the form of a good set-up for your digital work. Don't I recall you plan to write a tarot course and maybe even write a book? Shit. You NEED a good computer set up. It well help you work better and faster. Leave your worries about over consumption to things that really are over consumption.

Dreams: I've gotten used to the phenomenon of the ebb and flow of dream recall. It comes and goes. All you can do is have your notebook and a flashlight next to your bed, and train yourself to ask yourself what you've been dreaming every time you wake up. Dreamwork is a long-haul thing. It won't be hurried up for anyone.

But Tryphon is right. How much sleep you get is crucial.

Gordon_Finn said...

Security comes in many forms, including immaterial assets. In this case, you bought freedom and ease. These can be far better than cash, especially if you're injured. Also, theives can unload cash easier than a wireless connection. Cash is a more immediate and greater attractant.

Wireless capability for a laptop is not that expensive, even if it didn't start with it. So, it doesn't have the same value as 'cold hard cash'.

Jow said...

I think it's a little from column A and a little from column B for gathering stuff.

We nest, we seek status, and we are probably hard wired to prefer comfort over discomfort.

Just enjoy the big monitor, and the cool wireless that you did your damn self ;)

Lavanah said...

There is an inherent need for humans to gather stuff, but marketers certainly have taken advantage of that need! Cash is amorphous, there is no inherent value to that piece of paper (except as a slip of paper) or that electronic series of 0s and
1s that mean "money." As a society, we just agree that it has value. There is inherent value to the stuff it buys. The issue becomes, does the intrinsic value of what you have purchased actually equal (or better) the agreed value of the money. And the happiness gained with the purchase certainly should be added to the equation.