Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Night with Water

Well, this didn't go as planned.

I never had a great meditation with water to kick things off. First, I developed a massive case of allergies with near puke level post nasal drip. Wonderful. Then, I clicked on a link for a PBS show on the Native American story as Englishmen began to colonize. Emotional? Yup. Then My Gal informed me about this. Yup, despite the title, another water thing.

I tried to focus on the meditation as I went to sleep but I found it difficult. The late night resulted in my dreams being interrupted by my internal alarm clock. Good thing that, I would have overslept.


The Scribbler said...

What I find hard about the Stavish method is that concentrating on seeing the psychic center at the nape of the neck as a ball of light is such a peaceful, inwardly focussed activity, it's better than counting sheep. I'm so chronically sleep deprived that more than half the time I'm sawin' logs before I even start visualizing the symbol inside the sphere.

The method sounds easy when you read it in the book, but it takes serious perseverance.

jaz said...

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