Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Do Offerings

Father Tim Mansfield left me a question and by calling me an inspiration likely left me the kindest compliment I have ever received. Thank you, Father Tim. That means a great deal coming from someone that obviously has a calling of his own. Comments like that are humbling in an odd sort of way.

His question was, "...could you explain a bit more detail how one makes offerings. I read your blog entry on it about drawing up Earth and offering it to he spirits, could you say more?"

I can describe what I do and what I see. The how part is more difficult. Had I tried the same thing three years ago, I may have had less success.  Explaining the how is a little like explaining how one thinks but I will give it a try.

First I have to give credit to Jason Miller. I am sure he would be the first to tell you that he didn't invent offerings or this methodology. However, Jason both wrote a book and came into my life at the precise moment when his instruction helped me.  So, if you have an inkling and the funding, buy his book (pictured below) Protection and Reversal Magick. This is a combination of Jason's method and my own 'hows'. 

The Steps

1. For me, it is important that the offering be just that, an offering or gift. There is nothing I expect back from the spirits. This step is important for me as it removes all doubts, all trivialities and need. In short, it makes one empty of lust for result.

2. Quickly on the heals of item 1 is an ability to reach the nether regions of the sense of self. Most of the time when we are thinking or processing random thoughts, we are very aware of what we are thinking, feeling and doing but we are not aware of any type of connection to anything else, even the deeper part of ourselves. To create this awareness, I project my thoughts backwards into the back of my head, as if that is where the subconscious resides. This is my way of making a deliberate attempt to find the part of me that is connected to more than my monkey mind can understand. This is also the part of that believes unreservedly that magick is union and all can be touched. 

I first found this spot when I tried to figure out why my tarot readings work. They worked because I can get 'there'. Others may find that place during meditation or repetitive ritual. I am
sure there are many ways to find that spot. 

3. From the 'back of my brain', I reach down and into the earth. It is like reaching between the molecules of dirt and rocks and finding that malleable part of the most solid. Then I 'pull' it up inside of me. I usually see this as a white light, the same as I'd visualize coming down from Keter. 

4. I rub my hands together until I can physically feel energy in the palms of my hands. 

5. I turn my palms up and offer the energy in the form of a cloud to the spirits of my temple, my house, the loci and the Universe. I usually rub my palms between each one and generate more energy unless I am really buzzing.  I say something like, "I give this energy to the spirits of the loci, may it take any form you/they need." 

It is fun to watch it change shapes. Once it turned into rain clouds but I saw them as very tiny hugging a very small patch of earth. By small, I mean it was as if the distance between earth and clouds was about the height of a blade of grass. A day or two later a weekend rain storm blew in. It isn't uncommon for it to rain here this time of year but it isn't a regular thing either. Last night, it looked like a shock wave from an explosion. Again, this was viewed as very small and hugging the earth. 

6. I give the sign of silence and leave the temple or, if outside, I move slightly away from where I was standing.

I find time spent afterwards in meditation is helpful. I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to contact me in comments or by using the email address in the header. Just follow the instructions.


Frater LVF said...

I'd like to second that your posts as of late have been very inspirational. Whatever has happened to you has changed the tone of your writings.

Regarding this 'back of the head' business: you are probably well aware of this, but that area is often attributed to Qoph, which is the Key of the Moon. In the BOTA, this area is considered to be extremely important for practical work. It is where we project our images to create change.

Anyway, please keep all of this up.

Frater LVF said...

Oh, one question: why is the element earth used as an offering and not anything else?

Frater POS said...

Thanks for the compliment. I have three ideas about the element of earth.

The first is that is just where I am right now.

The second is that earth is really the combination of the other three so given earth is giving 'all'.

Thirdly, Keter is in Malkuth and Malkuth in Keter but of a different a fashion. The earth, disparaged as it is, is sacred in that connection. Then again, so is everything else. (grin)