Monday, May 18, 2009

Stavish Payoff...

Last night's meditation improved. In rereading Stavish, I learned I was supposed to be inside the ball of light. I also decided to change the symbol of air I was using from the upward triangle with the bisecting line, to Aquarius, Kerub of Air. I made the Aquarius symbol very small.

I dreamed that I was being hunted. A sniper was after me and I was fearful. I ran into various houses but he was still on the trail. Finally, I saw him take him, he was using a toy gun of the type that shot a cork out of the barrel. I could even see the string that kept the cork with the gun. 

After reading the link the Scribbler sent to me in the comments, the dream interpretation was quite easy. That which I fear to give up is harmless.

Today, I meditated again placing myself inside the red ball. I prayed to my HGA to remove all obstacles of air that prevented me from astral projection. The ball became more real and was obviously spinning very fast in a counter clock wise direction. When I placed the very small Aquarius symbol on the far 'wall', the spinning jolted to a stop then quickly resumed. The symbol spun just as quickly clockwise. My body felt different from head to shoulders. They felt like they were very quietly vibrating.  

Cherry Hill classes start tomorrow!

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