Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fire of Spirit

Tonight, I skried the tattwas Fire of Spirit. At first, I found the same familiar pattern of dots forming an endless grid of cubes. This time the dots were made of single flames. When I vibrated the god names all became dark. Not knowing what that meant, I exited the space and returned. This time, I was immediately confronted by a column of fire. The grid made up the background.

I asked for a name. It replied. I asked if I could vibrate the god names and gauge its reaction. Upon hearing the three names, it vastly expanded, returned to size but with a green glow at the edges and showed me a small camp fire at its feet. I wanted to go to that location but he would not allow me to move past him. I didn't push the point but that camp fire looked like a wonderful place to be.

I asked him to guide me in this place and to show me how this energy manifested in my life. He told me that this place was too subtle for me to explore. However, I'd be quite at home here. A strange tingling sensation of plasma crawled over my right arm. It said that is how this energy manifests in my life and then told me that my fire can be overwhelming to others. In fact, I scare some people. I'd be surprised at who is fearful of me. It added, "I say this not as compliment or criticism."

He gave me advice on this and on another topic but that is not for posting here.

Frankly, I am not sure what to make of his comments. I know I can be intimidating when I am angry, even though I am about as violent as your average canary, but this is not to what it was referring. Interesting, in a neutral sort of way.

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