Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What My HGA Said When I Finally Listened

Immediately upon entering my temple space, I heard, "Wear it." I said, "I will banish and then I will consider it if I hear those words again." I wanted to make sure an improper banishing hadn't left behind a remnant of something in my temple space.

So, I banished wearing my HGA lamen. During the banishing I understood that my mistake was focusing on the consecration. I have the item because I listened and that is what the object symbolizes, listening and communicating with my HGA. Afterwards, I asked him what to do about the object. "Wear it but only do so about your home. Take it off when you leave your premises." Why? The basic answer to that was because he said so but it wasn't really a command or a parental thing. It was obvious that I had a choice and could choose otherwise. I asked if I would eventually consecrate the item. He said I would and I think soon. For right now, I am wearing the very expensive thing. I love it and I am fascinated by it.

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