Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Spiritual Coat of Arms

I used to work with a woman of little education. She maintained a deep simple faith. I always admired that but for some reason never told her so. When she got mad at someone she'd always say, "That woman almost made me put down my religion!" In short, she almost set her beliefs aside to take care of some business ghetto style.

Last night, my HGA told me to wear the very expensive thing, i.e. a custom made gold signet ring from this place, while at home but not to wear it when I left. I followed said instructions. I took the ring off and went to leave for work this morning. I didn't like the idea at all and that was the point.

He said, "It is very easy to deny yourself just as it is easy to take off that symbol." He was right. Turning towards this relationship took a lot of work. Turning away could be simple. I read a trite statement on the back of a T-shirt the other day, "Character is what you do when no one is looking." Yup. I won't be taking off this ring anytime soon.

This isn't about the character some moralist would care about. This is about living in one straight line. This is about moving up the middle pillar. This is about actively living with soul. My soul.

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WitchDoctorJoe said...


I went thought a similar process when I got my very expensive thing.

Even worse was the process of deciding to use the crest, that has become so popular in my camp.