Friday, October 24, 2008


The theme in tonight's work is the tool of the Hierophant, preparations.

I did some confidential tarot work that prepares for other things. Sorry, that is as descriptive as I can get on that one.

My Gal and I worked on our Sigillum De Aemeth together. We each have a blank and entered all the Latin letters around the ring and figured out the names of god therein contained. Next, we drew the appropriate sigils in their proper places. This made me think of all sorts of odd things. For instance, each sigil has what appears to be a letter contained within it. Next to each sigil, is a number. One can find each letter and number combination on the outer wheel save one that has no number. While there does not yet appear to be a link as far as the location of the outer segment with the sigil, this may be a clue to figuring out a more subtle piece of the pie. Once we finish filling everything in this way, we'll redo one using Enochian letters. Then, we carve the wax Sigillum.

We plan on making many photo copies so we can plot various relationships and see what pops up. The first obvious item in this vein is that the sigils are in planetary order of apparent motion.

Tomorrow, we buy bee's wax to make the Tablet of Nalvage.

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