Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fresno's Pagan Pride Day

Some time has passed since my last post and a few of my last posts didn’t say much. I was really involved in preparing my Pagan Pride Day speech. The blurb for the speech was:

The Magick of the Self - Your Journey to Your Holy Guardian Angel

The pagan magickal world has many tools to choose from. All of these
tools are effective for what they are designed to do. They are even
more effective when you use them to do what you are supposed to do and
they only way to determine that is to learn from your spirit, daimon
or angel more popularly known as your Holy Guardian Angel. Discover
the how to take the most personal journey -- your path to divinity.

I wasn’t as polished as I’d like to be but I think it went quite well. The best part was basically a download from Asmodel, the angel of Taurus.

This year a couple of interesting things occurred.

First, a person I call friend was kind polite and friendly but I could literally feel the fact that this person wasn’t really happy having contact with me. In years past, that really would have been an internal problem for me. I would have said “I don’t care,” but deep down, I would have really cared. This time, I am fine with it. I hope this person’s feeling change because I do have a fondness but if it doesn’t that is okay. I have no need to control the universe. Frankly, I find it very cool to be okay with it.

Secondly, I watched a witch do magick and the weather changed. It was really cool! Frankly, I couldn’t feel a thing. I simply know this person well enough to know when s/he is working or at least I have a clue. I also listened to the way s/he didn’t answer someone’s question in the process of working. The magick was so gentle that a Leo like myself that understands only brute force be it active or passive could only sit back and be impressed. Oh to be subtle. That may be a dream for my next life.

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