Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey Me! Get Out of My Way!

Terry Pratchett's book, Thief of Time, has kept me entertained for the day. Even though I am ill, getting lost in this book made me feel magickal. I've noticed this before. I do not mean magickal like your third grade teacher did when she was trying to get you interested in reading. You'll note, I spelled magickal with a 'k'.

Sitting on my couch, I feel the same as when I do group ritual work. That feeling comes from focus. I have a job to do. Nothing, not even my brain will get in my way. Reading a good book results in the same feeling because my brain is not in my way.

There is a deep lesson there for me. If only...

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Lavanah said...

:) Terry Pratchett has that effect on many of us. I hope you feel better soon, its got to really hurt when you try to laugh at some of the funny bits.