Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Consecration and...


As promised, here is a bit on the consecration of the very expensive thing. I stopped. Of course, there is more to it than that.

I posted about an embarrassingly ill planned ritual here. During the preliminaries things felt wrong but, like the undauntable Leo that I am, I persevered nearly over a cliff. Fortunately, Osiris arrived and saved my amateur self. The rest of me arrived to learn the lesson.

So, in going through the consecration rite. Something felt amiss on the first day. Then again on the second day. The second day commenced Binah work. Binah is Saturn. Saturn is restriction. I stopped.

In both cases the cause was the same. I've been so confident in hearing my HGA that I proceeded as if my thoughts were echoing his. They weren't. This caused my demise. So, I've been listening again to my HGA. In fact, it was my HGA that reminded me of the Tao spell from yesterday's post.

Tonight, I will ask my HGA how to proceed with the consecration.

Miscellaneous Stuff

What is the very expensive thing?

Frater RO sent me a link to a site that contained a rant about occult bloggers that get cryptic. Talk about it all or don't at all was the message. RO thought the rant was about my blog and the very expensive thing. I can understand wanting to know what the expensive thing is but focusing on that is to ignore the true import of those posts. Focusing on the object is a self-created blind. If that sounds arrogant or is arrogant, so be it.


I haven't had a chance to weigh in since a week ago Saturday. At that time, I found myself back losing weight after a bout of zeros and a very small gain. I dropped 1.2 pounds. Since then, I've lost my second notch on my belt which means I must have lost even more.

Tao Spell

Frater RO asked in the comment section to yesterday's post if I could share more about the Tao spell. The answer is yes and no. I can tell you about my technology. However, there is a secret. That secret is the tech that WitchDoctorJoe taught me. He asked me to keep it between us and I will honor that.

Basically, I did a the LBRP, BRH and middle pillar, four vibrations per sephira.

Then I visualized Privithi a tattwas of earth. I stated my will to charge the astral form to help me live within the Tao of my work place. This was followed by four vibrations each of the god name, archangelic name and choir name of Malkuth. I watched the form change shape into how it exists today.

The rest of the tech is confidential.

You may ask if I think that spell helped in my promotion. My answer would be, I have no idea.

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