Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Healthy

Long time readers may remember that my HGA told me to lose weight because my weight had a greater effect on my psychology than I understood. I posted regular progress reports but eventually stopped because the purchase of the very expensive thing stomped on the budget and I couldn't go to Weight Watchers to be weighed.

Today, I went to the doctor for a flu shot. I weighed in at 199 pounds! Sixteen less than when I started to eat better and five or six pounds less than I did when I stopped Weight Watchers. Twenty pounds since I was last at the doctor. Apparently, my new eating habits have held and then some! Better yet, my blood pressures has dropped considerably. Previously my systolic pressure was just a point or two above normal and my diastolic could be anywhere from one to twenty points above normal. Today, both were ten points below the upper limits of the range.

In looking back, there has been a tremendous change in my life following a few significant events. The first was listening to my HGA about the weight loss. The second was the invocation of Asmodel. The third was the Saturn ritual that bound my co-worker and the 'clean-up' I had to do as a result. Asmodel gave me a way to actively change my mood at work. I really disliked how frustrated I became there and how I behaved. The diet change took the positive emotional change to a new level. I know because I ate a donut at work and was literally cranky for two days. I can not believe in that all that ritual work, prayer, counseling and everything else came down to simple diet. Ugh! But I'm feeling much better now and easier to get along with at work.

On a related note, my back has been great!

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