Thursday, October 16, 2008

Serving in Life

Today is Boss's Day. I am on the other side of that issue. I do not believe my staff should spend their hard earned money to buy a card, gift or even lunch for me just because Hallmark paid off a group of politicians in some back room capitalistic orgy.

So, I bought my staff lunch.

There are some magical traditions that hold the student should serve those higher up on the food chain. In my tradition, those a chapter or two ahead serve the younger. When you are younger, it may not look or feel like that is what is happening. Truth be told, it doesn't happen all the time. Humans are human but the goal of serving is always there.

This is the attitude I have with my staff. My job is to make it possible for them to do their job with as little grief as necessary. My job is to clear the way. My job is to save enough money in harsh budget times that we can avoid laying someone off. My job is to serve them, even if that means kicking their butts when necessary. Sometimes be served doesn't look like we want it to.

This too is magick. Sometimes, the lessons don't come packaged in a manner suited to our preference. The trick is to learn the lessons anyway. The trick is to work out the magick like proofs in geometry. The trick is to keep Working.

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Rufus Opus said...

Wait... YOU bought lunch? You BOUGHT lunch? With your own money?

I'm afraid your going to lose your LEO membership if you keep that up. ;-)

Lavanah said...

No, RO, he did the right thing. There is no better way for a boss to be loved and adored than to not expect his/her underlings to feed him/her. Head and host of the banquet? Seems like a perfect Leo thing to me.