Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ensign of Creation

I took some Jacuzzi time today. As it sat in my favorite spot, I immediately felt a pull. I became so dizzy that my hands instinctively grabbed my chair. I saw the Enochian Vision Magick book. I saw one of the shapes but it was only the barest outline. I 'hear' that it is my answer. That I should focus on that seal. I try to see more but it is not much more than a triangle. Yet, I knew the group from which this came. I am told that this is the answer to my astral projection issue and then some laughter. It seems that I asked the first of my goetic spirits about this and he finally found a way to communicate the answer.

The Enochian ensigns are the seven talismans that sit on the table. There is one for each planet. This particular ensign relates to Bobogel and Befafes, respectively, king and prince of the Sol. I barely glanced at the images as I read and certainly did not equate this image with Sol, planet of Leo. At the very least this is a testimony to how much the subconscious picks up when reading something.

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