Sunday, October 12, 2008

Personal News and Free Advice

Personal News

I was very pleased to hear something today.

I've never spent much on gifts for my niece and nephew for the simple reason that they have anything they'd ever need. Another twenty or thirty dollars would never make any real difference in their lives. Yet, every gift I have given has been because I love them.

Last holiday season, I spent a small fortune on occult/pagan books as a gift to my nephew. I received recommendations from friends, from the Great Work yahoo group and John Michael Greer. My nephew isn't into the occult. He may not even believe magick is possible. The books were given without any intent to convert him away from his Catholic faith. My intent was to broaden horizons and thus strengthen his faith. His parents have done a very good job of exposing him to many different religions. I was just adding one more. In my opinion, there was a very good chance of those books sitting on the shelf unread.

Today, he came home from working at a Catholic camp as a counselor for people barely younger than himself. The camp was a pre-Confirmation workshop. He thanked me for the books because they helped him help others with their faith. I was thrilled to hear that. That love and money were well spent!

Free Advice to Seekers

Listen to your HGA even when you haven't found him yet. Listen hard. Willfully listen.

Near Future

I have serious plans to delve into some Tattwas and Enochian work. These notes will be forthcoming. However, after a year without a TV, I am taking some time out to watch my favorite baseball team in the playoffs. Go Blue!

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