Monday, November 3, 2008

Work Experience

Today, a couple of interesting things happened at work.

The first was that I had a very frustrating two hour conversation. I was quite pleased to notice that while I was not afraid to show my frustration, I made people laugh. I never once yelled or reached the boiling point. I asked others for help. I asked others to take over for me but since none did, I just kept moving on. This was a huge test of keeping my frustration from boiling over and I passed!

This is the answer to Jason Miller's question, "Why are you a magician?" I like to transform myself. I love that part.

The second thing that happened is that in that same meeting, I saw shapes in several people's aura's. Normally, all I can see colored light outlining their heads and upper bodies. This time, I saw yod's just above many foreheads. I thought how much it looked like the prince of wands from the Rider-Waite deck in both color and location. Though, the picture above isn't bright enough to represent what I saw. I have never seen such a thing. One person's were ill defined and she had several of them.

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