Sunday, October 26, 2008

Water of Spirit

I didn't banish because my inner voice told me it wouldn't be necessary. Before me was the water of spirit tattwas symbol. I focussed well and entered. Water hung in the air, literally. Each precise droplet hung in three dimensional space. One could have connected the perfectly formed droplets and made perfectly formed little cubes. Such a thought would never occur to anyone in such a space. I called for a guide but something moving way too fast moved around. I vibrated Ehieh and the droplets became solid crystal. I vibrated Metatron and they rang out like a million tiny chimes in perfect pitch. I vibrated Chayoth Ha-Qedesh and the bottoms of the teardrop crystals turns a pale rose color. I asked for a quide.

The universe birthed a sliver of light that entered my third eye.

I saw a read line among the crystals. This is the pattern I send out, not of water. I then saw a pattern to create. My water. Beautiful.

The guide would give me no name. I could not say the guide was not me.

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