Sunday, October 19, 2008

None of Your Bee's Wax! It's Ours.

My Gal and I are working on this Enochian thing together. Today, she found some old bee's wax and we melted it down into a nine inch baking tin. She was smart enough to put the oven on a low temp as to not volatilize the material. Just about the time it was to finish melting, I heard a call to prayer. I listened.

I went to my temple and prayed to the powers of creation and to those that created the Enochian current to bless our puddle of wax that would soon be our Sigillum De Aemeth. My prayers were interrupted by guests arriving. We chatted for a bit and then I was rude. Completely ignoring the conversation, I walked over to the wax and found it to be in a completely liquid state. I held my hands to either side of the tin and prayed again. Normally, when praying like that energy will move from one hand to the other. This time the energy emerged from my throat chakra. I could feel the power and flashed back to when a friend showed me how to make holy water in her witchy way a million years ago. She had done the same thing.

When I opened my eyes, it was obvious the wax was cooling. The wax solidified around the edges, which I would expect. The solidification also occurred in tiny dots all through the center of the wax. Some of the solidified portion was actually within the wax with liquid wax on top. I thought that interesting and went back to the conversation.

Upon returning to the now solid piece, the wave of the energy pattern is obvious. Although a liquid should be flat and should solidify flat, the top of the disk has peaks and valleys. My Gal says wax does not cool that way normally.

I have no idea what the physics of cooling beeswax are. This could be normal or not. I have no idea. I am just recording like I always do. I am sure someone out there will let me know if cooling bee's wax usually does so flat or with ripples on the top.

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Lavanah said...

Normally, bees wax does not cool like that. But you were doing more than "just" melting and cooling the wax. Makes perfect sense to me that there would be a response from the material.