Monday, October 13, 2008

A Clean Temple is a Loud Temple

So, this weekend, I decide to clean my carpets. My brother-in-law is kind enough to not only do the work for me but he footed the bill for the rental. I insisted on cleaning carpets in my temple space for what I hope are obvious reasons. The work resulted in severe back pain. Even though I've been much better lately, I simply get into denial and decide that I can do something I really shouldn't.

Today, I walked into the temple space just to feel the energy. I perceive the energy to be actively peaceful. The feeling was much the same except someone turned the volume up. The difference was not subtle. The room pulsated with life.

I asked my HGA what happened. He said, it has been this way for a while; I am just now sensitive enough to feel it. Since yesterday? I don't think so. I asked if the increase in energy had to do with the carpet cleaning. Yes. He explained that what resides here resides on the astral and if I clean here, I clean there. I suppose something was clogging up the energy because it certainly is flowing now!

Yesterday, I had My Gal drive me to Kinko's to copy the kameas out of John Michael Greer's Circles of Power. I copied them onto appropriately colored paper. Frankly, I had a very general spiritual idea of what do with them and a concrete mundane reason for Luna, Mercury and Venus. I shared the latter with RO and he suggested conjuring them all at once.

My HGA's response to the entire thing was to simply conjure the spirits using the Kamea and tell them that you seek to understand the nature of the astral elements. Cabalists have a different name for elements depending upon their placement on the tree. The names are primordial, primal, specific, maternal, transitional, astral and base. The astral elements are those on the lower sephira of the tree of life; Air (Yesod), Water (Hod) and Fire (Netzach). Planetarily that is Luna, Mercury and Venus. He said that I can do them separately or all at once but if I do the latter that I better have the tech right. That sounded like a warning to me.

So, I will listen to said advice and see what happens.

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