Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Word Triangles

The other day, I mentioned some incoming information that I judged dubious. I do not think coming across the occasional distrusted spirit is a bad thing. Just like in life, one's endeavors result in all sorts of meetings. If you are friends with everyone you meet, you must be truly blessed or are simply failing to pay attention.

Over the years of my magickal career, I've learned that I can learn from almost anything. Lies are no exception. Truths are hidden in lies. One could look at a truth and a lie as a continuum along the base of a triangle. The apex is the spiritual understanding of the issue. For instance, the last report I had was that due to the way my magick works, I should remain silent when near the Enochian tools we are constructing and that things can manifest quite easily. The lie was in the tone, "Oh Great Magician". The truth? My magick is often spoken into existence. The higher understanding is that this magick may have more wallop than I am used to and therefore greater care should be taken in its design and operation.

Side Note

Last night, I had an important dream. I know I interacted with humans on the dream side but I can't remember now. I did upon waking but the day overtook me too fast. I do know that I did a very good LBRP. I have done parts of the LBRP in dreams but I can't recall remembering a full ritual.

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