Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Air of Spirit

Before me the air of spirit tattwas symbol was fixed to the wall. I focused well and entered. I saw the pattern of hanging water drops from the last post. This time, they were crystals. Rapidly, I fell into a current that oscillated like a wave -- up and down up and down but always forward. The wave had a color, orange I think. When I felt that I was riding the wave but going nowhere, I asked for a guide. I heard, "Maybe you are your own guide." This time, I didn't fall for the line. I vibrated Eheieh. My motion stopped but all the crystals in the universe rang at once. I vibrated Metatron and something just as wonderful happened but the 'dream' is fading so fast that I can not remember. I vibrated Chayoth Ha Qadesh and a figure was before me. The spirit was solid and yet not there.

I asked him if he'd mind if I vibrated god names at him to see if he could withstand them. He told me to continue. At the god name, he flew before me and stretched out so far he merged with the universe. At the name of the archangel, he flew from me but only for an instant and then seemed to be forever flying toward me. With the choir name, he stood solid before me.

I asked if it could guide me in this place and tell me how this place reflected in my own life. He said this place was too subtle for someone like me to understand. However, it is manifesting in my life by calming my rampaging mind [at work]. And, he she or it said, "By meditating on spirits of air, I would learn to further calm myself. They would teach me to meditate." The phrase spirits of air kept repeating. I asked, "But this is air of spirit and you refer to spirits of air." He made a sound of understanding my question that was the equivalent of our, "Oh." He then shared that those 'here' 'influence' those 'there'. He said if that if I worked the air tattwas and vibrated his name, he would send the spirits to aid me.

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