Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Magick in Mundane Life

It seems like life has gotten busy. I have moved from planning for PPD and attending the event to having a bad back day to taking My Gal to the County Fair tonight.

The only thing I really like about the fair is the art exhibit. This year I was relatively unimpressed. I found some talented artists but nothing spoke to me until I was awestruck by a painting of Indians in what must have been the Arizona desert. Everything from the swirling clouds and circling hawks, to the men on horseback to the desert catci made me shiver with delight. I am not much for Western art but had six grand been in my pocket they would have had to hang a sold sign. I find it special to be struck by a piece of art when the genre is normally out of my sphere of taste.

One magickal bit did occur. I lost My Gal in the art exhibit. There are no straight lines of sight in the Fine Arts Building. I found her psychically and walked straight to her. Normally, that is not one of my skills but I tried a new technique for me and I was able to accomplish the task. That may have to do with the Tribe of Dan.

Friday, I saw my new boss. I asked my HGA how to handle the situation because I've never met the man before. My HGA reminded me of a spell I did a while back. WitchDoctorJoe taught me one of his techniques and I adapted to what I do. The spell involved getting into the Tao of work. I remembered the triggers and used them. Instantly the forgotten visual came into being before me. The meeting went very well. I like that spell because it helps me to find the flow of what is already happening and step into it. There is no need to influence anyone but myself yet I get what I need. In this case, we both got what we needed, which made the act so much more satisfying.

The odd thing is that I want to magick to do a lot of things. I want more spells like the Tao spell. I want more things to work as well as the Asmodel experience. I want to literally explode into a better magician. Three years ago, if you told me that today I could do what I do now, I'd be thrilled. Today, I am dissatisfied. I want to expand magickally. I want to walk through the next door.

Tomorrow, I will post something about the consecration of the very expensive thing.

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Rufus Opus said...

Can you list the details of the Tao of Work spell?

My Gal said...

But the faire was fun! Where else can you get chocolate dipped deep fried cheesecake on a stick? It was right next to the gem and minerals, which should have been titled "Natural Magickians friend".

Ananael Qaa said...

I notice that in your ritual designs you use the "standard" BRP/BRH combination in your opening procedure. One of my biggest steps forward as a practical magician was what I call the operant field. This article on my blog gives a more detailed description of the concept if you're interested.

Simply, you replace the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram with the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram. This creates a field in which the microcosm and macrocosm interlock and in doing so eliminates much of the resistance that thoughts encounter becoming physical. It's ideal for practical work.

It may not work as well for you, but when I first started experimenting with it I was absolutely amazed at what a difference just changing the hexagrams from counter-clockwise to clockwise made. A number of other magicians I know have had good results with it as well, and if you do try it out feel free to let me know how it goes.

Nice blog, by the way. It's great to see more magicians posting articles about their techniques and experiences.