Friday, August 29, 2008

The Words of Others

Those who have read this space over the last week or so know that I've been working with an angel of Taurus, Asmodel. The angel has for the most part calmed my angry Leo nature. She has been very instructive. I have been at peace.

Last week, I suggested a course of action at work. This week, that course was implemented. Today, the project manager came up to me and said, "We'd never have had the success we've had this week, had you not come in and taken the bull by the horns," an interesting turn of phrase after dealing with Taurus.

Today, my long time boss said these words, "...won't do that because that would get the boys involved." Basically, she was telling me that my fears would not come to pass. I have no idea what she meant by the words 'the boys'. However, I do know that phrase is what My Gal calls my spirits of the Goetia.

Some would say these are meaningless coincidences. I do not. I listen to the Universe.

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