Monday, August 25, 2008

Stealing Witchcraft and Shapeshifting


Well, I've been pouring though the Huson book and found it to be...not my thing at all. I will post more on the nature of why it isn't my thing when I am not exhausted.

I did want to share that I will be stealing a technique regarding the magickal square or kamea of Mercury. In the divination section of Huson's work, he speaks of making a Mercury square and gazing at each number in sequence to put one in the divinatory mindset. Brilliant.

This post is short on tech because I am tired. However, I will make myself one of these squares charged cabalistically rather than use his method simply because my method suits me. I will post the tech at that time.

I shared this with my gal and she seems happy with the idea too.

Shape Shifting

It seems a certain aforementioned angel is teaching my by changing my aura into the shape of a bull. The effect at work was quite amazing. Tonight, she called me into my temple sans ritual and offered more instruction on the various poses of the bull. Those poses are classified.

(Kamea gif from:

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Jason Miller, said...

I was actually a bit surprised that you took an interest in that book. Didnt seem like your cup of tea. Its in my bibliography mostly for the pagan crowd to offer a different perspective on witchcraft, an also an example of how Hoodoo, Craft, and Ceremonial tech can come together.

His second book on Tarot however, Mystical Origins of the Tarot, is THE BEST book on tarot I have ever read. His first book, the devils picturebook, is good too but more like Mastering Witchcraft.