Thursday, August 28, 2008

Asmodel and I

I have a friend in Asmodel.

The first few days after her invocation were the most peaceful and happy days I've ever had. The raging Leo was calm. The raging Leo felt what it was like to be himself. The raging Leo was funny and personable. There was no rage there was only the freedom of being. My will mutated from blow torch to river.

Some situations arose with extended family that impinged upon this new found splendor yesterday. My mind could not meditate and could not calm.

Today, I was in a situation that frustrates me at work. Another group's general lack of planning caused me to waste a lot of time. I, frustrated, had to prepare myself to train the group anyway. I took a moment and called on Asmodel. She told me which form of the bull to use. I was calm. I was peaceful. I made people laugh. I like making people laugh. When the training was over, I was actually applauded.

Asmodel is my friend.

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