Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flying Ointment, Viels and News

I haven't posted in a bit due only to a shift in habits. As regular readers know, I have been instructed to lose weight because it effects my psychology in ways that I do not understand. As part of my Weight Watchers regimen, I have been doing a great deal of walking. This has impacted my blogging time. I am pleased to report that I dropped another 3.0 pounds this week making 8.8 overall. By next week, I expect to have lost over 25% of the weight slated for removal. I am losing weight faster than their normal clients but I am simply strictly following the plan.

I had been concerned that my work of late was was more skill orientated than HGA focussed. I then realized the weight loss was specifically directed by my HGA and relaxed a bit. I also encountered a situation that could have brought back some old and troublesome wounds. However, the use of the Prayer of Joseph the Visionary found on Jason's blog smoothed that over very quickly.

I have again been pursuing the astral projection work without much success over the last few days. A friend did make flying ointment for me with some odd effects. The first time I tried it I simply lay on the floor of my temple room and put a touch on my third eye. The effect was not unlike being plugged into a wall socket but with some sort of electrical resister between me and the wall. I found the sensation fascinating, the effect of natural magick fascinating and yet frustrated by my own resistance to the process! The second time I wore it through the LBRP and BRH to see what sort of effect that would have. I can not report anything like the first time. Next time, I will do the full rituals plus the energy raising middle pillar and then put on the flying ointment. If nothing else, it will keep me from stealing hubcaps.

This morning, I did and LBRP, BRH and middle pillar. I don't generally report this sort of thing because it is so common as to be incredibly redundant. However, this time, I used Jason's technique of opening the veil in three directions before doing the middle pillar. One word: Awesome! I feel different. I feel spiritually connected and yet withdrawn. I feel supremely centered and immovable. I am without insecurity. This experiment I will repeat.

My magick is changing very fast. I used to be a pure theurgist and did almost no thaumaturgy. After a few goetic invocations, some of the negative attitude toward thaumaturgy has faded. However, my HGA warned me to stop with the goetic work for a while for fear I'd be too distracted by earthly power. I then read Jason's book and want to investigate more 'near earth' magick as opposed to the loftily idealized Work I normally do. Balance is good. However, that warning sticks in the back of my mind and I will tread carefully.

I do plan on taking a more active defensive stand when I encounter odd energy. There is something about my work now that must purify things more external than internal. I think this has to do with unnecessary baggage more than a nameless other. However, other's peoples perceptions, emotions and magick can cling to you. I plan to be ridding myself of as much of that as is practical. I will be ever watchful of sliding away from my work into realms best left for other practitioners. I will bear no distractions to the Work of Unity.

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Jason Miller, said...

Glad that you found the Jospeh prayer useful.

There is another one that is popular amongst the Greek Orthodox on Athos called St Isaacs prayer for Gnosis. I think you might like it as well.

"O Lord make me worthy to know you and love you.
Not in the knowlege arising from mental excercise and the dispersion of the mind.
But make me worthy of that knowlege whereby the mind,in beholding you,
glorifies your nature in the vision
which steals from the mind the awareness of the world