Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last night, I encountered a god-form for one purpose that had an impact upon me in a much different way than the rite intended. I entered the ritual feeling pretty good about having dealt with an issue that I've struggled with for some time. I exited the ritual feeling as if I'd had my first shower after a long hot fever.

As a direct result my attention was diverted to an obvious portion of the GD neophyte ritual. So obvious that not only had it escaped my attention but in all my wanderings in the darkness I never came close, not even by accident. Once focussed, only a few minutes of contemplation resulted in an answer. This was more than suddenly realizing that C was the proper response to question three on some multiple choice exam. This was a blinding flash of insight that pulled together all my Work so far. This idea is nothing short of life changing. This idea sets the tone and boundaries for the rest of my Work. This idea may be my life lesson for this incarnation. This idea, as simplistic as understanding that a shadow reveals an object by decreasing light, may mean everything. Everything, in the microcosmic sense.

Not only that but this may be the central theme of that smallest of points where the microcosm joins the macrocosm.

This form of reality means nothing to anyone but me but it is as big as the promise of the coming day.


Jason Miller, said...

Sounds like your day was chock filled with Logos-goodness

EKB said...

This may come off harsher than it actually is, but... give it time. Let the revealed wisdom do its work in silence before attributing absolutes to it. While the GD rituals do move lots of things into experience, they do so in a controlled manner. Should they be life changing? Definitely - especially the Neophyte ritual, the Introduction of the Candidate to the system and its Engines.

But ascribing the full effects to it the day after seeing it, this strikes me as missing a part of the larger picture.

Just remember: Logos is sometimes better translated as "Text," in the way that Derrida used it. And Text isn't necessarily words...

My Gal said...

Uhm this might come off as harsh ekb but you might want to reread the post. He is not saying that this was the first time he had seen it... not by a long shot. He was pointed to something in the observation of it again.

Frater BH said...

EKB, yes the GD rituals work in a controlled manner but if you expect them to appear to be controlled in their effects on other people's lives you may be disappointed. I have witnessed people's lives radically altered within days. I have seen the changes come over years as well. Judging when someone else should experience any part of the effects is more than a bit presumptuous. We each have our own journey.

At no point in my post did I say this was my first exposure or that I was the candidate. Though, either is among the possibilities as to how I was exposed to my most recent realization.