Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wanted: Astrology Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good book or series of books to teach me astrology or maybe even a solid on-line course? It is a serious weak point for me that I need to shore up. This is what I am looking for:

  • It must be with modern ceremonial magick in mind. This doesn't mean it has to agree with the concepts of CM but since that is where my background is, I want it written by someone that understands that background as opposed to Santeria which I am clueless about. I don't even know if folks on that path care about astrology. If it is written from a pre-modern view like in Agrippa, it has to be written in modern English.
  • I want to start with the basics, even though I am passingly familiar with them and work up one step at a time.
  • In a perfect world, it would blend astrology with tarot as that would give me an anchor point.
I won't buy the book immediately as I have some other stuff to do but I will put it on my 'to buy' list near the top.


EKB said...

This is what I did:
--Looked at why I wanted to attune my magic to the stars and planets. In my case, it was to add a structure to the freeform way I did magic. So I wanted a "rules-light" astrological magic...
--Did research. Since I wanted "light and flexible," I looked to limit my studies to 5 books. I chose: "The Only Astrology Book...," Denning & Phillips "Planetary Magick," Agrippa/Tyson "3 Books...," Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" (a great antidote to fuzzy headedness, BTW) and a book from a friend "Under a Vedic Sky."
--After these, I had a good grasp of how things fit together, but the Vedic/Jyotish stuff threw me a curve. And so I researched a bit more.
--I'm still researching. Latest places to rip apart looking for nuggets/truffles: Warnock's "Renaissance Astrology" and Ptolemy's "Tetrabiblos." And now I combine with sky data from JPL and USNO...
And the best advice of all: experiment and figure out what works best for you.
love, Keith

EKB said...

...And then I saw "integrates tarot..." In that case, double the Denning & Phillips recommendation along with the "Magical Philosophy" series. If you use a GD-based symbolic set for tarot, the the BOTA coursework would also work well.

descolado said...

Well, if you want, you can get in contact with me, I am an astrologer.

If you want books, it depends on why. Electional astrology,or basic astrology ?

Quaero Lux said...

If you're looking for something that jives with Agrippa and the traditional seven planet system, just about the best you're going to find is Christian Astrology by William Lilly. Don't let the title throw you, as there's nothing specifically 'Christian' about the books. The two volume version edited by David R. Roell is a nice paperback in modern type face and is quite readable.

I'd also highly recommend Christopher Warnock's Renaissance Astrology site at

Jason Miller, said...

I myself am planning to take some of the course offered at

While I have a basic knowelege of straology that every occultist does, it is definately one of the weak spots in my knowlege base.

descolado said...

altough a little astrological knowledge is a good thing, you should be aware that astrology is a great field per se, dedicate to prediction and divination.

so, for example, most of Christian Astrology is devoted to teaching horary astrology, and then a little natal.

Unless you are interested in using astrology for divination, maybe you should choose a more focused approach.

Quaero Lux said...

Actually most of the contents in books one and two of Christian Astrology (volume one of the two volume paperback set I mentioned) are applicable to electional astrology (ie astrological magic) as well as horary astrology (answering questions).

Frater BH said...

Since several of you mentioned this. I am really looking for electional astrology.

Thanks for all the comments!