Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Blog

My good friend Joe has started a new blog. Joe doesn't practice magick like I practice magick. Joe is an eclectic Wiccan. The difference between Joe and most other eclectic Wiccans is that he is the only "low priest" you'll ever meet. He doesn't use titles to boost his own importance. If he calls himself the Great and Exalted High Priest Lord Moon Spirit Gnome King, you'll know he is joking. The other thing about Joe is that he is self-educated regarding things pagan and a Master Mason. At least, I think he is. I could be wrong but if he isn't he will be. Masonry colors his work.

Joe was raised pagan and some of his earliest memories are of grandma teaching him about safe circles in the most unusual way. I hope he posts about that. If I was a father, I'd teach my kind the same way he was taught. Given that you'd think he'd call himself a heredity witch or family witch or something. He doesn't. He just does what he does. He was also a Lakota pipe carrier before taking up arms to defend our country. Once you pick up a weapon you can't hold that position anymore.

He also has taught me a bit of practical spell casting that has become a part of my tool set. His blog is listed on My Blog List or you can reach it by clicking here.

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