Monday, August 4, 2008

Mentor and Diet

Not much to type today.

  • I worked on the project my mentor gave me.
  • My last weigh-in was Saturday and I dropped another 3.0 pounds totalling 5.8 for two weeks. I expect to slow down soon but that is a good start. No real troubles staying on the diet. I wonder if that is because my HGA is with me on the task? I think the trick may be I can ask him if I should do this or that, he'll say yes but what matters is when he tells me things at the right time. If I follow that instruction, the inertia of the universe may be behind me. I will keep that in mind as this goes on and I hear new instructions.

1 comment:

descolado said...

Oh, I am envy you can get on your diet... Today I just ate a lot of hot dogs seeing "Clash of Titans" on DVD.

Oh, god, how people got old !

Two days ago I called Vassago before sleeping. Dreamed the whole night about being followed by an psycopath. And Vassago is said to be a benign entity !

Today I called for Ghob of the elementals, and dreamed about ceramic pots.

oh, well, a long way to conquer the world.