Monday, August 11, 2008

Learning to Fly

I have been working on astral projection. I think I have a few problems.
  • I am not quite ready
  • I think too much
  • I am missing keys not needed by other traditions but are required in mine, at least for beginners.
To solve the second problem, I've been meditating to calm the monkey mind. During this time, I've paid attention to the catergories of thoughts at they appear.
  • Conflicts from serious to silly internet things that I don't care about.
  • People trying to demonstrate things to me of an occult nature or simply to sell. I can actually see and hear these 'people' during the process. It is a bit like watching television but being more engaged in the process.
  • Imaginary conversations between myself and someone else.
  • Internal chit chat
The first one is indicative of my general character. My birthday card is the five of wands. I am working on doing much more listening and not debating things to try to calm this trait down. The second one is simply fascinating. Is that me projecting an image to get in my own way? Astral beings? Teachers? Fantasy? The last two are just there. I have little thought on them. But, I have noticed if I get all the way to stopping the internal chit chat the cycle starts again in just this order. Again, I find this fascinating. As with all cycles interrupting them is easier once the pattern is seen. I love this sort of thing.

The key thing is easy to overcome. It is just a matter of focus.

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