Thursday, August 21, 2008

To Follow the Lead of my HGA...or Not?

I am having second thoughts about following my latest task assigned by my HGA. This task is EXPENSIVE. Yet, he urges me to do it and ignore the obvious less expensive alternative. Furthermore, he is pushing me to do it now. The kicker is I have the money in savings. The problem is that I am a realist. I see the economy around me. I see what my house needs in upkeep. I see my savings account could be needed for practical things. Yet, he (He?) urges me on to do this thing. Then do this incredibly long series of rituals. The latter doesn't phase me. The former does.

Furthermore, the results will be flashy on a mundane level and I'd feel like a magickal braggart. I am a Leo. I shouldn't mind. Yet, I do.

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Jason Miller, said...

One of the fine points about the HGA is that they can be a bit like a Guru. The relationship has to be one of reasoned advice that is carefully considered. Beings that dont have much connection to the material concerns of this world will often push us into things that might have amazing spiritual benefits but serious material detriments. Gurus do this all the time and so do angels. Even Dee had to tell the angels to keep their friggin pants on (probably not his exact words) at times, that he had real world responsibilities to take care of.

You are the material half of a partnership with the HGA. Just as its his responsibility to handle some of the spiritual guidance, its your responsibility to handle the material guidance. Otherwise it goes to pots.

I have seen it go to pots for just this reason with advice given by Guru's and by Angels. The Guru doesnt have a job or a wife but thinks that it would be swell if you would donate half the profits from your new business in X.

Didnt work out? Thats what you get for taking business advice on blind faith from a guy with no business experience.

I don't know what this is or how strong your connection to your angel is, but I just wanted to write in say that you can't always let the angel get involved in the material stuff. For them, Maslows heirarchy of needs is upside down.

jj said...

just give the money to me, I'll pray for you, and you'll be all set.

Rufus Opus said...

One of the things I learned in Christian indoctrination school was that whatever God commands you to do, He pays for.

The same applies to the spirits, imho. If the money you've got saved came from some miraculous windfall, then yeah, it's to be spent on commandment X. If it's your life savings that you've toiled over, then...

Honestly, I'd spend the money on what my HGA wanted. It's a matter of priorities. I've lived in trailer parks and I've lived in 6-bedroom houses in the burbs. I prefer the house in the burbs, it's really cool, but I know I'll get by in any economy, and that my God shall provide for all my needs, according to his riches and glory. I've seen it happen too many times. Some day I'll tell you about being unemployed for a year, and yet always having the rent and groceries anyway. Sometimes it's a leap of faith.