Sunday, August 24, 2008

Invocation of Asmodel

Yesterday, I was working designing the expensive project I have mentioned previously. During that research, I discovered a name that was one letter off from the name of my HGA. I found this terribly fascinating and dug a little deeper. The name I found was one of the twelve lost tribes. Some scholars believe that this was the only tribe that went to Egypt and returned. The others were always in or near Canaanite lands. Given my interest in Egyptian gods and my ability to bounce into the Hebrew world view quickly (though I have long railed against it), I find this bit of information interesting. Furthermore, when researching the tribe I immediately came across a picture. That picture has some qualities that are so like the visions of my HGA that I was startled.

Given that my work situation appears to changing for the good but also landing me in a very dangerous place and given this tribe is associated with Taurus I thought I'd invoke the angel of Taurus and see what she had to say.

The ritual was simple.

  • LBRP
  • BRH
  • First Degree Opening
  • Invoking Hexagram of Venus drawn with my rainbow wand using GD Hierophant wand technique
  • Vibrating the proper permutation of the tetragrammaton for Taurus as I drew the bull in the center of the hex.
I then asked what I needed to do to have Asmodel come to me. I heard a voice tell me Asmodel is already here, called by my HGA and by my little (said pejoratively) ritual. All I had to do was talk to the angel.

So, I immediately thanked the angel for appearing and asked if I could burn some incense as an offering. She said yes. We then had a discussion. She allowed me to ask questions and I listened. While I think I was only in ritual for 30 minutes tops, this portion seemed like it lasted forever. I am very quickly climbing down from a dream like state and I know I will not remember everything immediately. I may fill in more details in a later post. At some point I asked her if she had anything I needed to know but didn't ask. I ask this question a lot.

  • Yes, my HGA is part of this angel's 'domain'.
  • No, my HGA was not the human founder of the tribe but a chief.
  • Yes, she is female. I asked why if the bull was the symbol of Taurus. I heard/felt the interplay of male and female.
  • I could not see her because I do not know how to evoke her. She will teach me if I call her often.
  • She will teach me how to call some of her spirits to help me at work. Huson's book will help to give me ideas that she can use to instruct me. It seemed like she though Huson to be a bit off my purpose. Instead, he will seed some ideas within me. In the meantime, I can call her name directly. "Using the gesture you already know."
  • I will get through this dangerous period by being the bull in the field. Patient. When I achieve this patience, victory will be mine.
  • She will rid me of "your frustration that you have tried and failed to rid from yourself."
  • The tribe is the Rock of Israel. I can be that rock for others once I am patient like the bull in the field. Though, internally, I must be the bull charging.
  • To understand more of my HGA, I should research what is written about this tribe, even the theories of the scholars.
I find this link interesting because one of my early posts was called "Embracing my Inner Jew." At the time, I thought I was trying to explain that I had to accept the mindset of my culture and how I was raised. This would remove some cognitive dissonance that interfered with my work. Maybe this was true but it has great deal more meaning.

I also have a Taurus moon. I find the link between the fixed fire of Leo and the fixed earth of Taurus to be the subtle connection between fire and earth I used to think I understood. I know that last may puzzle some of you. Sorry for that.

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