Monday, August 18, 2008

Follow-up to Yesterday's Post

In a follow-up to yesterday's post, whenever I think of that realization I see a white line bisecting my body. I can even feel the hum. I don't hear a hum. I don't feel a vibration. I feel the hum. The hum seems a bit off. The hum feels like a bug zapper's energy rather than a spiritual anchor but emotionally and even physically it acts like an anchor point. I don't know what to make of that yet. Maybe it needs some fine tuning but it is fun so far.

Over the last two nights I've had tiny lucid dreams. I can illustrate tiny using last night's dream. I, unaware I was dreaming, became lucid. I thought of seeing My Gal and a window appeared in the shape of a hexagon. I peered through it and say her smiling and waving back at me like she'd do in real life. The dream ended as suddenly as it started but I was lucid for that short time.

On an unrelated note, this week I didn't lose any weight and didnt' gain any either. Last night, I blew it and ordered what everyone else ordered. I am glad I did because I realized later that I was no more satisfied eating poorly as I was eating well. My body didn't feel as active and alert today either. I have also learned that I want many desserts but don't like them. So, this information will make it easier to resist temptation in the future.

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Frater Servitor said...

Ah, dieting...
To make a diet work, you have to cheat once in a while. Once a week seems to work well enough for most people.
When you deprive your body of calories for long enough, it adapts by destroying muscle tissue. This lowers your need for calories, and you stop losing weight. Two things will prevent this:
1) Exercise - duh
2) Occasionial cheating on the diet. This works by convincing the body that it isn't really getting fewer calories on a consistent basis, and so it'll continue to burn calories at it's usual rate.

Oh, right. You can't cheat on your diet every day and expect it to work. Once a week or so is enough.