Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Lucid Dream

I had an interesting dream last night. I was both lucid and non-lucid. This requires a brief history lesson. Once upon a time, I was in a coven. The coven had a male and female leader, known here as M1 and F1. Then in order of appearance in the group another female (f2), myself (m2). That as as far as the lineage goes as far as this dream is concerned.

I dreamed I was in the home the coven used. M1 and f2 where there. There was another presence, a woman who wasn't in the coven at the time. I never saw her in the dream but I could feel her observing. In my dream, I was deciding whether to rejoin them. Those in the dream seemed at least not closed to the idea but not fully open either. There were several things I had written being shown to me. I was able to read some and not others. Some appeared to be in pencil and then written over in pen. During this time I was lucid in the sense that I was using my brain fully in the dream to decipher the writing but not in the sense that I knew I was dreaming. The last sign read, "You must remember she is a priestess." The dream ended without me making a decision.

The writing is obvious. After my leaving the group, I was not shy about expressing my opinion of the organization as a whole and its members. The pencil pen thing may be that I remember things one way, the pen writing, but they happened in another, the faded pencil.

The trick is that last part. "You must remember she is a priestess." I have no way of knowing if that referred to F1 or f2 or for that matter someone else. One of my major problems with that tradition was the concept of rank. You had to respect the person for the position they held even if one found little to respect otherwise. You were always beaten over the head with rank. Rank was very important. I heard about that a lot.

I have always been a respect the person not the title sort of fellow. People earn my respect over time, they do not gain more by their position or wealth. They earn more or less respect through my observation. Regardless of anything else, this emphasis on rank is why the system does not work for me.

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WitchDoctorJoe said...

I can relate this to my post today about titles. There are some many seeking titles, rank and recognition.

And so few DOing anything worth being recognized for.